Key - Legend - Codes

Number Codes
CA Bird Record Committee sanctified records

1 - Multiple observer sight record, accepted by CBRC
2 - Single observer sight record, accepted by CBRC. Unsubmitted or unaccepted reports (NS or NA)
3 - Multiple observer sighting, NS or NA
3M - Multiple, multiple observer reports, NS or NA
4 - Single observer sight report, NS or NA
4M - Multiple, single observer reports, NS or NA
5 - Photographic record from park (for rarities only)
6 - Extirpated from park - formerly occurred regularly as breeder, winterer, or resident; current status drastically changed from historical status, now absent, except as migrant or vagrant, generally rarely.
7 - Old historical records only; no recent/modern sighting
8 - No record or report in last 15 years

Letter Codes
UPPER CASE: species status

BR - Breeds regularly - nests at park
BI - Breeds irregularly - has nested in last decade
FB - Formerly bred * without #6 = still occurs
NN - Nests nearby, feeding here while doing so
TE - Is or has been on State or Federal Threatened or Endangered species list
SC - State listed species of special concern
SS - multiple subspecies are known from site visual
or audio clues might be detected
lower case: primary occurrence at park r - resident - lives at park, always there
as - may occur at any season - records throughout year
s - summers at park, generally May to September
m - migrant - occurs chiefly as regular migrant, spring and fall, annually
sm - primarily spring migrant - mostly April and May
fm - primarily fall migrant - September to November
w - winters at park or records in winter - mostly October to March
v - vagrant - not annual -out of normal range or habitat (e.g. marine sps.)
mv - migratory vagrant - vagrant during migration (some noted fv or sv)
wv - vagrant during winter season