Painted Bunting

Most of the photos will not be like this one.

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Note: Some photographs within this site were "taken through window" glass, "ttw" may be noted. The rest are just bad photos I have no excuse for ... Bad photographer, lens, light, childhood .... :):):)

Many of the local Utopia area species can be found on these pages and that is the main goal. For those without a bird book to be able to ID something they saw, or to know and appreciate what might be seen hereabouts. Over a hundred species are shown in the various pages. Some are grouped by habitat, others by type, or status.

With apologies, please note I am not interested in seeing out-of-area bird photos to ID.  :)

Please look up your *local* Audubon Society if you have a bird photo you would like ID'd, you should know someone there.  There is a chapter in every part of the state, and they are invariably loaded with all the great interesting local natural history folk that want to know what you saw.   :)

If you have something from the Utopia area, please ask first if over 1MB, Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.   :)

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All photographs within this site are copyrighted
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