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Here are some links to a few places I occasionally wander while in my chair. So in case you are looking for a way outta here, or more info on weather, birds, insects, space, or if you just want some bird cams you can watch quietly while pretending to work, here you go. ;) I'll add more, I just ran through quickly and grabbed some links for which I confess to having been a repeat offender, or a junkie.

Weather and Climate

Weather Underground Utopia
  enter your town to get your local stations

NOAA Kerrville
Put any city in the selection window, read 'forecast discussion' link.

scroll over current at top navbar, then choose temperature, surface, radar, you can even check national snow cover, etc. (travel section)
General weather happenings, current news

U.S. Drought Portal

National Hurricane Center


ABA homepage

Birding News
(state and topical listservs or message groups)

Noah Strycker
a non-stop world big year at Audubon website

great photos in galleries, often current rarities

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
Lots of orni publications are available online at SORA

American Bird Conservancy

Bird sounds and calls
enter any bird into search window and select from samples given, by
clicking the XC code # at right, then hit play in the window when that
opens. Try Brown-backed Solitaire, or Willow Ptarmigan, yer welcome.

Fatbirder - Links to everything
Fatbirder's Top 1000 birding websites

Bird Blogs

David Sibley
David Sibley's page often has interesting discussions

10,000 birds
An often interesting blog

Birding E-bulletin
National Wildlife Refuge Association

Bourbon, bastards and birds
a birder's blog - (occasional colorful language)

A record U.S. big year done on a bicycle in 2014
Still a good read if you didn't follow along, or worth perusing for ideas if going somewhere mentioned maybe, or biking for birds.

Mendocino Co. in northern California
Ooops! There goes another! This blog though still up is not being updated anymore. It is worth reading through the archives if you are interested in enviro issues in particular. There is lots of good info well presented.

Cape May recent sightings
Note link to homepage there too

A blog portal of sorts

Bird Cams

A new West Texas hummer cam in the Davis Mountains.
I've seen Blue-throated and Magnificent, and others had a White-eared the same day!

Condor Cam.
There is one view set on the baby in the nest, the other on an area where carcasses placed and adults often feeding (probably not best at lunch time).

Can be loads of seabirds on this walrus cam
THIS CAM has gone off line - apparently it is quite seasonal as are many nesting cams for instance... sorry!
This one was a favorite, and it's light late there! But you want low tide, so figure out when that is for you. Scroll below to all the other camlink thumbnails and it will give you info about tide time and lots of other stuff. Cam needs a wiping off... The seabird show can be awesome when it was showing part of the cliff some days. It is now showing highlights from this past season.

Lots of good nature web cams here
The bears fishing salmon are neat, and the Puffins too!

There are a bunch of cams here - a Laysan fledged July 6! Their home page links to a ton of bird info.

Monterey Bay (CA) webcams
You can see some birds on the bay cam - which moves around, you may need to increase resolution, Brandt's Cormorants, Western Gulls, Surfbirds, Brown Pelican, Harbor Seals or even an otter in the kelp, a neat list could be built from this one.

Green Jays, Chachalacas, White-tipped Doves
This cam in southmost Texas could build a neat list too. One guy saw a female Crimson-collared Grosbeak while watching it! When not live (after dark) you can play archive footage.

Tucson Audubon's Paton Center for Hummingbirds
You might get lucky at this one too...


Space Weather
The real time space photo gallery is great, you can often see last night's auroras in the morning

Space News

Sky and Telescope
Click on: This weeks sky at a glance

Other critters

The Bug Guide
Longhorn Beetles of Texas (Cerambycids)
Ode Central - dragonflies and damselflies
Butterflies and Moths of North America
Journey North
follow Monarchs and other species movements

Reptiles and Amphibians

Texas Turtles

Science News

Old Mitch stuff

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park
This is my old local patch in L.A.

Mitch's Miscellaneous Matters
This is a hodgepodge of old stuff about birds, not my first but one of my earliest websites... It has information about mostly pelagics (seabirds), the Palos Verdes Peninsula area, and the bird record cheating that takes place in the California Bird Records Committee.

An old (2001) article I wrote about socal Seabirding:
Surfbirds article

Palos Verdes Peninsula-South Bay Audubon Society
Has lots of good stuff at their website. They have a great newsletter worth reading. There used to be some of the 12 years of my Birds of the Peninsula columns in the Hummin' newsletter archives, but now archives appear only to go back to 2003. There is a neat 'Bird Search' feature which allows you to check about 15 years of Palos Verdes Peninsula area bird records from the Hummin' columns covering about 1996 to 2010.
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