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Check out the CBC (Christmas Bird Count) data and breeding territory plot map below. The nest plot map shows the intensity of bird breeding at KMHRP. The CBC totals shows the sites' winter species diversity on a single day "snapshot" over the years. 117 species were found in a half day, by 5 guys, Dec. '94! And some species known present eluded detection that day! Surely on its best days, 125 species have been present at once at KMHRP! A claim few 250 acre (approx.) patches can make!

CBC Data
(Excerpt from "The Birds of KMHRP" booklet)

Here are bird nests or territories in and around Machado Lake in tule habitats, during the summer of 2000.

Bird Nest Map

Park Bird List (Digital Version)
Bird List Key
Bird Photos

Birds of KMHRP Booklet
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