"The Birds of Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park"

The Birds of KMHRP

About the booklet ...

The booklet is the official checklist of the the birds of KMHRP, and summarizes much of what we know about bird distribution at KMHRP. The bird list in this booklet is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, unlike the digital version found here. While some of the website material may be found the booklet, there is a lot in the book that is not on the website. The website is more a photo companion and "virtual tour." The booklet is the official definitive park bird list.

It's over 40 pages and measures 3-7/8" x 7" so it will fit in your pocket. You'll probably want one for the house and one for the glove box too. :)

Here are a couple preview pictures of the covers, table of contents, and a sample page of the bird list.

Once you know the legend or key, you'll see at a glance the bold-faced species nest on site. The underlined ones either used to, or nest nearby, as coded.

Birds of KMHRP Contents

Standard abundance codes are used to tell you if the species is common, occasional, or rare, etc. Another code designates season of occurrence or status: winter, migrants, residents, or whatever the case may be.

There are many pages of short essays on various aspects of the park that affect the birds, from habitats to management. There is a park butterfly and dragonfly list, and maps and graphs. It would be the ideal item if you ever have trouble falling asleep.

Although the bird list is for KMHRP, the status of the majority of birds in the adjacent vicinity (P.V., South Bay, Harbor, etc.) can be extrapolated from it, as accurately as any published source for the area.   It is not just of immediate local value only if you go to the park. If you live anywhere within a couple hundred square miles, you will find it a useful reference tool.

Birds of KMHRP Sample Page

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