Welcome to Mitch's Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park website. It's often called "Harbor Park" by the locals and "old timers," or "KMHRP" in official terms. This site will attempt to let you in on some of the secrets of Harbor Park!

The links on this page (top and bottom) take you to pages discussing various aspects of the park.

If the first few pictures intrigue you, you'll probably find lots of interesting and enlightening stuff here... we hope so!

If they look unfamiliar and unlike the "L.A." you know, then you'll understand why many consider it Los Angeles' premiere diamond-in-the-rough.

So please explore the website, bookmark it, tell a friend, and spread the word! You can virtually tour the park here ... from birds to dragonflies, butterflies to habitats.

The idea of the website was to be a place that was a repository for information about the park, in particular natural history information, as well as some historical info such as the historical photos. A collection of park history and lore for those that might be interested or were not aware.

We moved out of the area shortly after we put the web page up. Though unable to be there we decided to keep it up anyway, as most of the information remains pertinent and the teaching or learning it offers about the park we feel is important. One could ID a bird or dragonfly they saw there, without having a pile of field guides at hand.

MAJOR PARK NEWS IN 2014! The park is closed for the most part, save some access on the east side, on Vermont Street. It will be closed for 3 years as a long overdue project of dredging the lake and other habitat improvements, the installation of filtration, etc., takes place. This was a Prop O funded deal a decade in the making.

THANKS for coming and have fun at KMHRP :)!

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