Where is KMHRP?


KMHRP is in extreme southern L.A. County. The dot near the bottom of the L.A. County outline shows its rough location. The lower graphic is a rough site map. It is west of the 110 (Harbor) Freeway, and south of PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), near San Pedro, on the border of Harbor City and Wilmington.

Locating KMHRP (Harbor Park)

Map 1 - Legend

Colored Areas:

RED - Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park (KMHRP)

PINK - Banning Park -
1 mile E. of 110 on PCH

BLUE - Major rivers with itinerant

GREEN - Areas with riparian/tule
(besides KMHRP)

GOLD with Hash Marks -
Elevational gradients

A - Hansen Dam
B - Sepulveda Basin
C - Whittier Narrows
D - El Dorado Park
E - Los Angeles River
F - San Gabriel River

Belong to freeways

Blue/green area adjacent to and just north of KMHRP is the Wilmington Drain Waterway and Wildlife Area

South Bay map