KMHRP Bird List

This "Harbor Park Digital Bird List" is not to be confused with the definitive hard copy. The digital list below is more about the degree of documentation of species at the park. The hard copy checklist is more about status and occurrence.


1 & 2 - sightings accepted by CBRC
Unsubmitted or unaccepted reports (NS or NA)
Which are no less valid than above records
3 - Multiple obs., NS or NA
3M - Multiple, multiple obs. reports, NS or NA
4 - Single obs. sight report, NS or NA
4M - Multiple, single obs. reports, NS or NA
5 - Photo record from park (for rarities only)
6 - Extirpated from park - now absent
7 - Historical - no recent/modern sighting
8 - No record or report in last 15 years
BR - Breeds regularly - nests at park
BI - Breeds irregularly - nested in last 15 yrs
FB - Formerly bred * without #6 = still occurs
NN - Nests nearby, feeding here while doing so
TE - Threatened or Endangered List (is or was)
SS - mult. subsps. known from site
r- resident
as - any season
w - winters
s - summers
m - migrant - spring or fall, annually
sm - spring migrant
fm - fall migrant
v - vagrant -out of normal range or habitat
mv - migratory vagrant (some noted fv or sv)
wv - vagrant during winter season

Printable Key-Legend

The Bird List

Loons and Grebes

Red-throated Loon wv, 5
Pacific Loon wv
Common Loon wv
Pied-billed Grebe r, BR
Horned Grebe wv
Red-necked Grebe 4, 8
Eared Grebe w, FB
Western Grebe w
Clark’s Grebe w

Pelicans and Cormorants

Blue-footed Booby 4, 8
American White Pelican wv, 5
Brown Pelican 3, TE
Double-crested Cormorant as
Brandt’s Cormorant 4M

Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, Ibis, Stork

American Bittern w, 5, FB
Least Bittern r, BR, SC
Great Blue Heron as, NN
Great Egret as
Snowy Egret as
Little Blue Heron fv, 1, 3, 4
Cattle Egret as
Green Heron r, BR
Black-crowned Night-Heron r, BR
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 1, 8
White-faced Ibis fv, 6
Wood Stork 5, 8, TE

Waterfowl: Ducks, Geese, Swan

Fulvous Whistling-Duck 6, 8, FB
Tundra (Whistling) Swan 6, 7
Greater White-fronted Goose 4, 5
Snow Goose 3, 8
Ross’ Goose wv, 5
Brant (Black) v, 5
Canada Goose w
   minima Canada "Gooselet" 4M
Wood Duck w
Green-winged Teal m, w
Mallard m, w, BR
Northern Pintail m, w
Garganey 3, 8
Blue-winged Teal as, BI
Cinnamon Teal r, BR
Northern Shoveller m, w
Gadwall as, BI
American Wigeon m, w
Canvasback m
Redhead m, w, FB
Ring-necked Duck m, w
Greater Scaup wv
Lesser Scaup m, w
Oldsquaw 3
Surf Scoter 3
White-winged Scoter 4M, 8
Common Goldeneye fv, 3
Bufflehead m, w
Hooded Merganser fv, 3, 5
Common Merganser 4M, 8
Red-breasted Merganser wv
Ruddy Duck r, BR

Diurnal Raptors and Relatives:
Vulture, Kite, Harrier, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons

Turkey Vulture m
Osprey m
White-tailed Kite w, FB
Bald Eagle 4M, 8, TE
Northern Harrier m
Sharp-shinned Hawk m, w
Cooper’s Hawk as, BR
Red-shouldered Hawk r, BR
Broad-winged Hawk 1, 4M
Swainson’s Hawk 4M
Red-tailed Hawk r, BR
   Harlan’s (R-t) Hawk 3, 4
Ferruginous Hawk 4M, 8
Rough-legged Hawk 4M, 8
Golden Eagle 4M, 8
American Kestrel r, BR
Merlin m, w
Peregrine Falcon m, w, TE
Prairie Falcon 4M, 8

Quail, Rails, Crane

California Quail 6, 8, FB
Black Rail 6, 7, FB, TE
Clapper Rail 6, 7, FB, TE
Virginia Rail wv, FB
Sora m, w, FB
Common Moorhen as, BI
American Coot r, w, BR
Sandhill Crane 4M, 8

Shorebirds or Sandpipers

Black-bellied Plover m
American Golden-Plover 4, 8
Pacific Golden-Plover fv, 5
Snowy Plover 6, 8, FB, TE
Semipalmated Plover m, w
Killdeer r, BR
Mountain Plover 2, 4, 8
Black-necked Stilt as, FB
American Avocet mv, FB
Greater Yellowlegs m
Lesser Yellowlegs m
Solitary Sandpiper fm
Willet v
Wandering Tattler 4, 8
Spotted Sandpiper as
Whimbrel m
Long-billed Curlew m
Marbled Godwit v
Ruddy Turnstone 4, 8
Black Turnstone 4, 8
Red Knot fv, 5
Sanderling fv
Semipalmated Sandpiper fv, 4M
Western Sandpiper m
Least Sandpiper m
Baird’s Sandpiper fm
Pectoral Sandpiper fm
Dunlin fv
Stilt Sandpiper 3, 4, 8
Ruff 1, 5, 8
Short-billed Dowitcher fm
Long-billed Dowitcher m, w
Common Snipe w
Wilson’s Phalarope mv
Red-necked Phalarope fv, 5
Red Phalarope fv, 5

Jaegers and Gulls

Pomarine Jaeger 4, 8
Parasitic Jaeger 4, 8
Little Gull 3
Franklin’s Gull 3, 5
Bonaparte’s Gull m, w
Heermann’s Gull wv
Mew (Short-billed) Gull w
Ring-billed Gull m, w
California Gull as, SS
Herring Gull w
Thayer’s Gull w
Western Gull as, SS,
Glaucous-winged Gull w
Glaucous Gull 5
Black-legged Kittiwake 4, 8
Sabine’s Gull 2, 8

Terns and Skimmer

Caspian Tern as, NN
Royal Tern 4M
Elegant Tern 4M
Common Tern fv
Arctic Tern 4, 8
Forster’s Tern as
Least Tern s, FB, NN, TE
Black Tern mv
Black Skimmer 3M

Pigeons and Doves

Band-tailed Pigeon wv
White-winged Dove fv, wv
Mourning Dove r, BR
Common Ground-Dove fv


Yellow-billed Cuckoo 6, 8, FB, TE
Greater Roadrunner 6, 8, FB
Groove-billed Ani 5


Barn Owl as, NN
Great Horned Owl as, NN
Burrowing Owl 6, FB, SC
Long-eared Owl 6, FB
Short-eared Owl 6, 8


Lesser Nighthawk 4M
Common Nighthawk 4, 8
Common Poorwill mv, 4M


Black Swift sv, 5
Chimney Swift s, 3, 4
Vaux’s Swift m
White-throated Swift as, NN


Black-chinned Hummingbird s, m, BR
Costa’s Hummingbird as, BI
Anna’s Hummingbird r, BR
Calliope Hummingbird 4M
Rufous Hummingbird sm
Allen’s Hummingbird r, BR

Kingfisher and Woodpeckers

Belted Kingfisher as
Lewis’ Woodpecker 4M
Acorn Woodpecker 3
Red-naped Sapsucker wv
Red-breasted Sapsucker w
Nuttall’s Woodpecker v
Downy Woodpecker r, BR
Hairy Woodpecker 6, 8, FB
Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker m, w, FB
   No. (Yellow-sh) Flicker w, 5

Empids, Kingbirds, Pewee, Phoebes

Olive-sided Flycatcher m
Western Wood-Pewee m
Willow Flycatcher m, TE
Least Flycatcher fv, 4M
Hammond’s Flycatcher m
Dusky Flycatcher fm
Gray Flycatcher m
Western/Pac.-slope Flycatcher m, BI
Black Phoebe r, BR
Eastern Phoebe 1, 8
Say’s Phoebe m, w
Vermillion Flycatcher 5
Ash-throated Flycatcher m
Great-crested Flycatcher 4M
Brown-crested Flycatcher 1, 4, 8
Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher 2, 8
Tropical Kingbird fv, 3, 4, 5
Cassin’s Kingbird as, FB
Western Kingbird m, FB
Eastern Kingbird 4M

Lark and Swallows

Horned Lark fv, 6, FB
Purple Martin mv
Tree Swallow m
Violet-green Swallow m
N.Rough-winged Swallow s, m, BR, NN
Bank Swallow m
Cliff Swallow s, m, NN
Barn Swallow s, m, BR, NN

Jays, Crow, and Raven

Steller’s Jay 4, 8
Western Scrub-Jay r, BR
American Crow r, BR
Common Raven as, NN

Chickadee, Bushtit, Nuthatches, and Creeper

Mountain Chickadee 4, 8
Verdin 4, 8
Bushtit r, BR
Red-breasted Nuthatch wv
White-breasted Nuthatch 4M, 8
Brown Creeper 4M


Cactus Wren 6, 8, FB,
Rock Wren 4, 8
Canyon Wren 4, 8
Bewick’s Wren wv
House Wren as, BI
Winter Wren v, 3, 4
Marsh Wren r, BR

Thrushes and Allies

Golden-crowned Kinglet wv
Ruby-crowned Kinglet w
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher m, w
California Gnatcatcher 6, TE
Western Bluebird 3
Mountain Bluebird 4M
Townsend’s Solitaire 4, 8
Swainson’s Thrush m, s, BI, SS
Hermit Thrush m, w, SS
Wood Thrush 1
American Robin r, BR
Varied Thrush wv, 5

Mimids (Thrashers), Pipits, Waxwing, Phainopepla, Shrike

Northern Mockingbird r, BR
Sage Thrasher 3, 8
Red-throated Pipit 4, 5
American (Water) Pipit m, w
Cedar Waxwing m, w
Phainopepla mv
Loggerhead Shrike r, BR


Bell’s Vireo 5, 6, FB, TE
Cassin’s Vireo m, w
Plumbeous Vireo m, w
Hutton’s Vireo wv, 5
Warbling Vireo m
Philadelphia Vireo 1, 3
Red-eyed Vireo 4M
Yellow-green Vireo 4

Wood Warblers

Tennessee Warbler fv
Orange-crowned Warbler as, SS
   Sordida (O-c) [Sordid] r, BR
Nashville Warbler m
Virginia’s Warbler fv
Lucy’s Warbler 1, 3, 4
Northern Parula 1, 3
Yellow Warbler as, BI
Chestnut-sided Warbler 1, 3, 5
Magnolia Warbler 1, 3, 5
Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler w
   Audubon’s (Yellow-rumped) Warbler m, w
Black-throated Gray Warbler m, w
Townsend’s Warbler m, w
Hermit Warbler m
Black-throated Green Warbler 1, 4, 5, 8
Blackburnian Warbler 1, 4, 5
Prairie Warbler 1, 8
Palm Warbler fv, wv
Bay-breasted Warbler 1, 3, 5
Blackpoll Warbler fv, 5
Black-and-White Warbler v, 5
American Redstart v, 5
Prothonotary Warbler 1, 4
Worm-eating Warbler 5
Ovenbird 1, 4
Northern Waterthrush fv
Mourning Warbler 1, 3, 4
MacGillivray’s Warbler m
Common Yellowthroat r, BR
Hooded Warbler 4, 8
Wilson’s Warbler m
Canada Warbler 1, 5
Yellow-breasted Chat mv, FB

Tanagers, Grosbeaks, and Buntings

Summer Tanager v, SS
Western Tanager m
Rose-breasted Grosbeak mv, 5
Black-headed Grosbeak m
Blue Grosbeak m, FB
Lazuli Bunting m
Indigo Bunting v
Painted Bunting 4M
Dicksissel 4M

Sparrows and Relatives:
Towhees, Juncos, Longspurs

Green-tailed Towhee wv
Spotted Towhee wv
California (Brown) Towhee r, BR
Rufous-crowned Sparrow 4, 8
Chipping Sparrow m
Clay-colored Sparrow fv, 5
Brewer’s Sparrow fm, 5
Black-chinned Sparrow 4, 8
Vesper Sparrow v
Lark Sparrow fm
Black-throated Sparrow 4, 8
Sage Sparrow 3, 8
   Bell’s (Sage) Sparrow 4, 8
Lark Bunting 3, 4, 8
Savannah Sparrow (nevad.) m, w
    Belding’s (Sav.) Sparrow 6, 8, FB, TE
    Rostratus (Sav.) Sparrow 6, 8
Grasshopper Sparrow 6, 8, FB
Fox Sparrow m, w, SS
   Red Fox (zaboria) Sparrow 4
Song Sparrow r, BR
Lincoln’s Sparrow m, w
Swamp Sparrow wv, 5
White-throated Sparrow wv
Golden-crowned Sparrow w
White-crowned Sparrow m, w, SS
Harris’s Sparrow 5
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) m, w
   D-eJ - Slate-colored w
   D-eJ - Gray-headed 8
   D-eJ - Pink-sided 4
Chestnut-collared Longspur 4

Blackbirds, Cowbird, Orioles, Grackle, Meadowlark

Bobolink fv, 5
Red-winged Blackbird r, BR
Tricolored Blackbird r, BR, SC
Western Meadowlark m, w, FB
Yellow-headed Blackbird s, f, FB
Rusty Blackbird wv, 5
Brewer’s Blackbird r, BR
Brown-headed Cowbird as, BR
Orchard Oriole 4M
Hooded Oriole s, m, BR
Bullock’s Oriole s, m, BR
Baltimore Oriole 4M
Scott’s Oriole 4, 8

Carduline Finches

Purple Finch w
Cassin’s Finch 4M
House Finch r
Red Crossbill 3, 4
Pine Siskin w
Lesser Goldfinch r, BR
Lawrence’s Goldfinch 3, 4, 8
American Goldfinch r, BR
Evening Grosbeak 4

Established Non-natives

Long time residents, 30 yrs.+
Rock Dove (Pigeon) BR
Spotted Dove BR
Eurasian Starling BR
House Sparrow BR

Newcomers breeding since 1995 only

Great-tailed Grackle BR
Orange Bishop BR
Nutmeg Mannikin/Chestnut Munia BR

Questionable origins - escapees?

Nene - Unbanded, returned 3 yrs. 3, 5
Black Duck - once wintered 3
White-tailed Hawk 3
Green Jay - once wintered 3
Mitred Conure - becoming regular as

Hypothetical List

Trumpeter Swan 4
Northern Goshawk 4
Zone-tailed Hawk 3
Bar-tailed Godwit 4M
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 4
Buff-breasted Sandpiper 4M
Broad-tailed Hummingbird 4
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 4
Cave Swallow 4
Mangrove Swallow 4
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 4
Bendire's Thrasher 4
Cape May Warbler 4
Pine Warbler 4
Connecticut Warbler 4M
Scarlet Tanager 4
Smith’s Longspur 4
Lapland Longspur 4

Some list totals:

336 Native Species known from site, plus the seven non-natives present breeding = 343 Species known from this half square mile of bird habitat.

40 sps. BR, + 8 BI, + 7 NN, using park while nesting = 55 species whose nesting depends on park, currently 30+ sps. FB - formerly bred at site, but no longer do = 85 species nesting at site last century, 55 last decade. Another dozen or more sps. also surely formerly nested, but citations lacking.

12 sps. TE and 3 special concern species = 15 "sensitive," rare or declining species known.

I welcome any information on records or reports not included, or any other suggestions for changes, additions, or corrections ... please e-mail me.


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