Assorted Unsorted

Here is an assortment of some unsorted pictures, but the scans are done, so what the heck, lets have a look see ... (There are a few "bugs" after the birds.)

We start off with a series of photos of a Western Gull nest on the AquaMog on the lake ... the birds were nest building in May of 2003 and eggs were photographed on June 19th in the nest. By July, the nest had failed, apparently due to predation. There was no trace of the eggs ... seems most likely it was crows.

The nest is at above and left of the paddle wheel

Western Gull incubating eggs on nest (upper right)

Great view, eh!?!

A Tree Swallow was seen carrying nesting materials (May 2003) into one of the nest boxes which was installed the year before and spending lots of time inside ... ... this was the first local attempt of nesting known in 50 years!

Tree Swallow peering out of nest box

Nesting Tree Swallow

Belted Kingfisher

Greater Yellowlegs & Cinnamon Teal

Barn Swallows

Northern Rough-winged Swallows

Snags are a critical component to habitats. Modern city man thinks any and every snag should be removed. When doing so we also remove the birdlife dependent on them.

Downy Woodpecker nest snag
Five holes visible here, and more broke off the top!
This ONE snag has been used for about 10 years (most recent hole at bottom) and probably produced 20 baby Downy Woodpeckers, SO FAR!

Loggerhead Shrike


Water is a critical resource for birds!
A goldfinch drops in (top) as a House Finch (red, in center) leaves.
A Cedar Waxwing (crest, black mask) bathes with American Goldfinches.

American Goldfinch - male

Mourning Dove

Marsh Wren (mostly marsh)

Black Skimmer (not taken at KMHRP)
These relatives to Terns have been seen at KMHRP, including in July and August '03

Here are a couple of "bug" pictures ...

Pepsis Wasp on Anise
The local ones are consistently much smaller and we know they aren't eating Tarantulas because they aren't found here, so What's up? A "dwarf" palosverdesi cryptic (sub?) species?

Golden Orb Weaver - note remains of Queen (Butterfly) below

Golden Orb Weaver a little closer

Peach or Fig Beetle (Scarab)

Crayfish, Crawdad, Mud Bug, principal prey of KMHRP Pied-billed Grebe

Beechei Ground Squirrel
Photo by Jess Morton